4 January 2015 Salt, Light, Fire and Revival (Matthew 5:10-16) Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice
by cbf
salt light fire revival witness God grace atheist atheism believe save salvation saved


Are you thirsty? Oh, not for the common water from the tap, but for the living water that should course through you soul?   Are you experiencing persecution for your faith? Oh, not being ignored, or made fun of, or disrespected, but chased? hunted? threatened with losing your life?  Too many Christians today blend into their surroundings and are the picture of Matthew 5:10-16...salt that has lost its savor and is thrown out, no earthly good, tasteless, and worthless... If you are being "cast out" and walked all over, you, Christian, have a problem...  you have become salt-less......   Deacon Josh's message will challenge and lead you to restore the light and salt to your soul... Take the challenge, stand up, be a force with which to be reckoned, and challenge by your very life those around you before it is too late and you just become road dust...


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