Endurance Lesson 4 Knowing how and when to use the resources available to me Vanessa C Justice
by cbf
endure endurance Asa Syria mosquito mosquitoes irritants evil death disease sin fair-weather friend cooling relationship God Lord Jehovah Israel Judah fervor drift drifting complacence familiarity breeds contempt familiar comfortable little things swat kill blood lifeblood malaria species idols queen king run run the race compassion decisions slow leak backslide jail anger pride choices wrong choice wrong choices pray prayer power war defeat win consequence consequences


If you think you're having a hard time because of fate, or other people, you'd best first look in the mirror... Is there a chance you, in any way, put yourself in the way of "hard times"~broke a rule, betrayed a confidence, or just got complacent about things and did not correct the small stuff? This powerpoint explores what happens when you actually know when and how to use your resources, but just sort of wander away form what has worked to leaning on things that might look good, and bring immediate satisfaction, but pretty much destroy you in the long run... Endurance~knowing how and when to use the resources available to you.


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