Josephus, Book 7-The Second of King David's Three Major Failures Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 27 July 2016
by cbf
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: Josephus, Book 7-The Second of King David's Three Major Failures    27 July 2016
album: Josephus
year: 2016
  David has been king for a while, now and has a rather large family, with several wives and concubines.  The situation with Uriah and Bathsheba has seemed to settle down, but now a new family tragedy occurs--his daughter is raped.  That in itself is bad enough, but the rapist is a favored son.  David's favoritism will cost him and his family dearly...     NOTE: There is a discussion about the "40 years" in 2 Samuel 14 that must be addressed. Absalom did not spend 40 years planning an insurrection; somehow in the heat of today's discussion, the participants and leader forgot a key point regarding David's reign. That mistake will be corrected in the next study.   Copyright 2016  All Rights Reserved  


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