The Absolute Sovereignty of God Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 10 January 2016
by cbf
pride sovereign God Lord Bible Biblical decree eternal flesh spirit work salvation save foundation belief believers Scripture faith elect once saved John Father Son Jesus Holy Spirit divine election topic danger dangerous heresy confusion astray teaching argument pray control author source good evil judge judgment blasphemy self-evident truth Wesley Calvinism Arminianism


artist: Joshua Justice
title: The Absolute Sovereignty of God
album: Joshua Justice
year: 2016
genre: Bible Study (id None)
We say we believe God is all powerful and all knowing, but beyond these agreements, much of the history of the church shows a great debate on just what that means, especially in who is saved, how they are saved, and whether or not the idea of "once saved, always saved" stand or falls in Scripture.  The main understanding is there are things we must believe, and then things we can believe.  Much of the argumentation is over the "can believes", but there are some very basic "must believes."  Deacon Josh poses questions and delves into the various beliefs, philosophies, and denominational choices that have become a part of the Christian conversation over the last two thousand years, and delineates the "must believes" so that we all have a foundational starting point for our discussion of all the rest.


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