Thanksgiving! Pastor Charles P. Clawson 22 November 2015
by cbf
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From William Bradford, Governor of the Pilgrims of Massachusetts to Jonah's understanding of the thankfulness due to God even when you are in the worst of straights (say, the belly of a really big fish??) to believers today, Thanksgiving is a particularly important time of reflection and gratefulness for God's ever-present providence and supply for us.  In good times and bad, the Lord is always there.  Job recognized His presence and lamented that his words were not captured and written in stone with lead to testify to the continued presence of his Lord, the Creator of all the world.  The Lord wants each of us, like Job, to see His constant watching over us as well... for we will, one day, all stand before that Great White Throne to answer for our time here on earth, and to stand in judgment for how we responded to the salvation promise of His son....  It is not enough to be saved~ we must live saved!  Thanksgiving... a time of reflection, gratefulness, and the deep and abiding awareness that when we trust, obey, and follow the commandments and leading of the Lord Jesus, we will for eternity have peace, guidance, and a crown and a seat in heaven with Him.  


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