Look to Creation! Flexibility vs Resistance, an overview Vanessa Justice
by cbf
flexible resistant stubborn Character Character traits flex bend break flexibility humility service serve resistance stubborness follow plan open adapt adapting best move change complete priorities


  Flexibility is much required in all walks of life. From business to family to church to volunteerism, plans are made, are changed and sometimes completely blown up... how we respond or react to those changes lets others around know just what our internal character is... We either operate in a calm response and make the best of it, or react and show our pride, anger, jealousies, and poor temperament.  This overview sets the stage for the next four specific facets of flexibility to be explored and added to our arsenal of Christ-like character. 1 Peter 5:5-6 exhorts us to remember that we best help ourselves and others when we do not get a "big head" and insist on our own way only. Others have ideas and points worth considering and even using in place of our own first thought. Flexibility vs. Resistance... being willing to change an idea or a plan without pitching a fit over it.


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