Genesis 13:1-9 Abram and Lot Pastor Charles P. Clawson 13 September 2015
by cbf
heaven Jerusalem Egypt old ways right righteousness paths Old Testament Genesis God Jesus Lord Jehovah Bible Abram Abraham Sarai Sarah Lot blessings protection covering rich wealth Solomon Sheba city world choice consequences repent obey obedience law honor self fear peace Ishmael Israel Canaan Shinar altar pasture water herds animals nomad Canaanites crops drought compromise separate conflict employees herdsmen trouble temptation stumbling stumbling block weak brother sin Christ meat faith Sodom grey gray area


artist: Pastor Charles P. Clawson
title: Genesis 13
album: Genesis
year: 2015
genre: Sermon (id None)
Real people, dealing with real problems... Abram runs to Egypt evidently without the guidance of God, and puts himself and his family in dangerous situations.  Finally, he returns to the Promised Land and recovers his spiritual sense, evidently learning from his Egypt experience.  Like any saint, slipping into sin can quietly happen, and are often the consequence of being distracted by problems or the promises of the world.  Like proper saints, acknowledging sin and returning via the way of repentance and obedience to the ways of righteousness, brought not only Abram, but will bring every other follower of God back home, with "a clean heart and a right spirit within".  The old ways as defined by the Lord, the old paths laid out by God, those paths of kindness, commitment, and right choices will lead to peace, a place for us in the spiritual Promised Land, and the blessings of God in our lives.


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