Look to Creation! Flexibility Lesson 1 Sensing and Adapting to the Wishes of the One I Serve
by cbf
flexible resistant stubborn Character Character traits flex bend break flexibility humility service serve resistance stubborness follow plan open adapt adapting best move change complete priorities


 When we attend to our task, but also keep an eye out for changes or new ideas, suggestions, needs, or complications, we need to be ready to "flex" to meet the new challenge.  The key is to not compromise core moral beliefs, and yet respond appropriately to those who are in charge, even when they are not kind or good or moral, but are holding the position of authority and/or responsibility for the task.  There is a way, and when approached properly, most of the time a way to achieve the goals can be found; when that is not possible, and an impasse is the result, you must be willing to stand firm on those Scriptural principles and truths, and trust the Lord to protect, defend, and take care of you.


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