The Path to Success (#1 in the series "Commands, Not Suggestions") Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 20 March 2016 Palm Sunday
by cbf
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Just what is success, and what's the difference between a good success and a bad success?  Did you know that God notes a difference, and gives us guidance on what He counts as what pleases Him, even beyond sacrifices and checklists of worship?  The Bible actually tells how to have "good success" in Joshua 1:8... and to be strong and of good courage, to remember that He has your back, and your pathway in His plans.  Good success~that is the goal of every believer; to accomplish the life calling you have and know that the Lord Jesus will smile on you and on your good success.  By living in a way proscribed by the Lord Himself, good success is a part of the believer's promised pathway.  By learning His heart, we come to understand His commands are for our benefit, to lead us to good success.  By dedicating our time of rest to being with the Lord, by honoring the Sabbath day and thereby hearing His heart and being undividedly His, by following the thing that good is, the Lord God Himself holds us close, and helps us to accomplish that ordained work of our lives and brings us Good Success. 


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