Genesis 11:1-9 Babel Pastor Charles P. Clawson 24 May 2015
by cbf
identity choose conscience react respond earth people language talk speech idea purpose soul common cause unite men bind community words word music form picture concepts transfer communication spirit spiritual one God Lord Babel tower ideas emotion lift help share build think thought be Nimrod good evil satan influence divide division human humanity life Holy Spirit souls unity the old paths holy sacred rebel Shinar Babylon flood Noah commandments wander scatter pride proud


Language--the process of expressing thought with sound... communication... ideas, feelings, memories, and concepts that can transfer and be shared between people just using sounds, pictures or hand signs to form symbols that we can all share and with which we "paint pictures in the mind", strive to understand each other, build relationships, invent things, expand each others' plans, adapt to new circumstances, and develop community... Genesis tells us that at one time, all the earth's people spoke one language and came together in common and uniting causes.  During the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, society was sorting itself out ~ cities, towns, edifices and building to be gathering places...  Architecture could serve to show pride in a group or to show strength to a potential rival... Noah and his three sons were evidently still alive when this tower was built, and one can only imagine what he thought of the direction in which mankind was heading...and oh, what would he think of today? On this Pentecost Sunday, Genesis shows us how the world was divided; Pentecost shows us how to be united again, one people, one language of love, one Lord, one Spirit, one baptism, one group committed to His leadership... And you, are you building a city or a tower to your own strength, or a community that lives to uphold the honor and glory of God? 


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