1 Kings 14:25-31 Judah`s Judgment Pastor Clawson 8 November 2015
by cbf
Pharoah Shishak Solomon Rehoboam Judah invade invasion wealth riches poverty suffer army fight lose win Bible Old Testament king cost Jehovah Egypt war warfare penalty correction weak pride prideful avoid the world selfish consequences law moral repent save salvation grace crimes life hurt convert conversion sinful sin gospel soul


What you say and what you do should line up or there are consequences to be paid, and most folks will put more weight on what you actually do, since what is said can be so easily dismissed. Rehoboam's words and behaviours cost his kingdom most of the wealth and strength of his portion of his father Solomon's united kingdom.  Solomon had set the stage for what would be the downfall of his son's kingdom when over the years of his reign he had slowly turned from the prescriptions of Jehovah and followed other gods and practiced activities from which God has said to refrain.  One who was from a once a friendly family and ally now became the instrument of God's correction on Judah.  Pharaoah Shishak saw that he had an opportunity to expand his power, wealth and lands by attacking and invading Solomon's divided kingdom.  He saw that Rehoboam was a weak and prideful man unable to wholly defend his own lands.  Shishak took advantage...  Like today, if we take for granted our wealth and strength afforded us by Jesus Christ, and turn to the ways of the world, do activities the Bible says we should avoid, and neglect communion with our Lord, it is very possible that Egypt (a picture of the world and its systems and selfish behaviours) may very well invade our holdings, our families, and our peace.   Be careful to follow in the footsteps of the Master only... others will lead you astray.


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