The Little Things Lay Leader/Deacon Joshua Justice
by cbf
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How would you describe your kind of Christian?  Most of us want to hope or believe we are up there among the top ~ the kind of follower that all others look up to and emulate... but is that the raw truth?  Deacon Josh brings up a hard topic, that the majority of Christians today seem to fall into two camps : 
    1)  the lazy "on the Christian welfare dole" system.  They show up to church, enjoy the music, are glad for the programs, but expect to be spoon-fed all the information they want and won't read or study on their own.  They don't question nor dig. Sunday morning and fun times are the whole package...  
  and  2) the "self-made man" who knows what he knows and "needs no man to teach him', so perhaps he comes to church, or not; perhaps he's in a study, but more likely is either telling others what to believe or is sharpshooting the teacher, and is so sure he has it all in hand that he will not listen to those who question, confront or challenge him...And because he is so sure of his own thoughts, he never consults God on the little choices...after all, why bother the Lord with that stuff, eh?   Unfortunately, this type may very well hear "Depart from me, you who work iniquity (lawlessness, missing the mark).  I never knew you  (you aren't what I designed ...)" 
Neither one of these folks are what is what Christ wants us to be.  Christlikeness means following His example; hearing His Father, spending time with the Father, and doing the things the Father wants, setting self aside.  Major decisions are very important, but It is the little things that set a lifetime trajectory... do remember to ask Him even about the little things of life!


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