Genesis 10:6-20 Ham Pastor Charles P. Clawson 12 April 2015
by cbf
Ham earth flood Nimrod mighty men age of giants sons of Seth Seth Genesis Noah Shem Japeth scatter countries tribes nations sons of God fame traditions hunter hunt tower king dictator defiance spirit Lord rebel rebellion corrupt corruption violence family families Esau Jacob Babel kingdom Shinar empire building Syria Assyrians Egypt Babylon Daniel merchant sales power settle settlement expand expansion Assur Ninevah Africa colony migrate migration Canaan Phoenicia sea going


Never return a kindness~pass it on; that's the them of this discussion...just like the Lord did for man, over and over again..... cycles of behavior are often based on what we get and what we  give. This chapter looks at the cycles of a person to a family to a tribe to a nation back to one man, each group trying to strive for earthly satisfaction, perfection if you will, but usually failing miserably....we start with Adam and move through the cycle to Noah and move again from one man to a family to tribes to nations to Jesus... the One Man who brings us back from falling to climbing to falling to climbing... God wants us to be the architect of our cycles, our circumstances, and to move from a fallen nature to a redeemed nature that settles us fully from the cycle of ruinous choices to a cycle of fulfilled and joyful responsible freedom as not a child of Adam, but a child of God, Himself. In a time when the giving of names meant a recognition of possibilities and/or character, Genesis shows the long list of the sons of Noah, and their impact on the regeneration of the world. As Pastor Chuck goes through the names, the character of the person and the peoples they became begins to show through the later narratives... some were shepherds, others "menstealers" and yet others "merchants",  "those of the high countries" or "the terrorists"...  What we are, we promote...for good or for bad... and it is always our choice...our very lifestyles may be the exact thing that wins others to Christ....


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