Look to Creation! Endurance Lesson 2 Maintaining Commitment to a Goal in Times of Stress Vanessa C Justice
by cbf
: give up never give up race run run the race endurance discouragement succeed successful tired exhausted weight sins sin disaster heart attack attacks enemy enemies stress devastation deadly partner illness terminal fight fighting sudden unexpected depression rage evil emotion emotional quality God Bible Demas Paul St. Paul abandon abandonment Mamartine prison death execution execute Rome New Testament goal tool tools Churchill Sir Winston Winston Churchill forsake fellow worker gospel teach preach help


Stress can be a deadly partner when working toward any hard and long goal -- a terminal illness, unexpected misfortune, fighting an enemy, a sudden unexpected disaster.  Scripture talks about men's hearts failing them during terrible events...heart attacks, strokes, migraines, depression, suicides, fractured families, road rage, domestic violence... whatever severe evil or emotional devastation you can name, is a result or the origin of stress in our lives.  Endurance is a quality that all people need, but not all have.  It is learning how to best "run the race" and make it to a successful end.  Endurance is the quality that gives you the tools to, in Sir Winston Churchill's words, "Never, never, never give up!"


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