Followers Will Suffer Pastor Billy Robertson 1 November 2015
by cbf
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Trials and tribulations, problems, hurts, pains, distress.... it is the lot of humankind in this fallen world, and the Christian is not above being affected by the troubles of this life.  Now, what do you do with it?  Are you a whiner, complainer, entitled to nothing but peace and good things because you've called on the name of Jesus? Or, are you someone willing to accept situations, look for the best and the lessons in them, and apply your heart to understand what God will bring out of them?  What if Joseph had harbored a root of bitterness, or if Moses had decided to give up going back to Pharoah while being rejected again and again, or if Paul had left it all for an easier life after all the beatings, shipwrecks, and disappointments and betrayals...  Life's purpose is not to make us happy, physically wonderful, or even to have no troubles at all~ life is just the general condition in which we all exist in this fallen world.  Man's purpose here is to glorify God and to point those who do not know Him towards Him and His comfort, will and plans for each one of us.  He will not leave us without joy, but He makes plans that strengthen and train us to deal with this fallen world and to prepare us for our eternity. We show our willingness to be a part of His plans by trusting Him and responding to life with an eye ever towards Him and a secure knowledge that the promises of eternity are yea and amen in Him.


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