Judgment (Phase 8-the next 2 woes) “The worst is yet to come” Pastor Billy Robertson 23 September 2018
by cbf
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“Woe! Woe! Woe!” the angels called in Revelation 8.  By Revelation 9 one of the warnings was described and the next two were on their way.  Anytime the Scriptures has the same thing in threes, expect intensity and a heightened level of importance. This is a level that should bring a warning of things to come to anyone paying any attention at all.  It is the highest level of praise or warning, and in this situation, it is a warning to believers of things to happen before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Jesus also warns believers to not be so afraid that they spend time in preparing a defense for any verbal attack but to just live well and let the Lord provide the words needed at the time of the persecution. After all, tribulation exists now.  It is not the same as the wrath to come in that great and terrible day of the Lord.  God’s wrath will be more intense & dangerous than any time before, but the scriptures clearly indicate that His believers are not appointed to wrath.  Therefore, be aware of the tricks of the deceiver.  The enemy of God wants only the destruction of all God loves.  Satan uses deception to the point of even becoming “an angel of light” to confuse, lie to, and hurt believers especially, but all mankind if possible. He sends his minions to work on the souls of men.  Therefore, do not give in to fears. Beware of the lies of the enemy; he may even use your family & friends! He whispers to you, & does what he can to mess you up & draw you off the path.  Face him & tell him to be gone!  Ephesians 6!!  Remember Who is on your side!  \r\n\r\nYou can access Pastor Billy’s study notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1--YVL06FQVEBF5YeFVnQTcYiNMlORsj8FgXBqBHEREg/edit?usp=sharing\r\nWatch his sermon at   https://youtu.be/YQP0DjyCaUE\r\n\r\nAll Rights Reserved  Copyright 2018\r\n


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