The Kingdom of Priests Pastor Joshua Justice 16 December 2018
by cbf
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To rule and reign!  That’s heady stuff, and what exactly does that mean to the believer?  What are we supposed to think ~ some Christians seem to think that we will be “kings” over municipalities or countries in our own right.  It is clear that we will have some form of authority, but is it to be a ruler and tell those below or around us what to do?  What the Scriptures mean, reflecting the context of the time in which they were written, is that the Lord has made us “a kingdom OF priests” and that has a slightly different flavor from be a supreme regent over some section of the coming ages…  At one time priests were a part of a bureaucratic hierarchy of which the High Priest was head.  As priests under the authority of the High Priest, they carried out the guidance and religious expectations of the High Priest, who in his turn, served Yahweh.  As priests in Jesus’ kingdom, we are servants. We speak His words and do our best to do His works.  We must be aware of our words and deeds for our authority comes not from our position, but from the cloak of our responsibilities to properly represent our High Priest and His commands.   Watch Pastor Josh’s sermon video at   Follow Pastor Josh’s sermon notes at         To find all sorts of resources, visit our website at     Copyright 2018    All Rights Reserved    


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