Guest Speakers Pastors Buddy & Beth Davidson Share Their Missions Work in Zimbabwe 31 January 2016
by cbf
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artist: Buddy and Beth Davidson
title: Pastors Buddy and Beth Davidson Share Their Missions Work in Zimbabwe
album: Guest Speakers       year: 2016       genre: Missions (id None)
PowerPoint presentation for the audio:

Covenant Bible has a long standing commitment to not only being debt free, but also giving to the local, national and international community of believers.  Pastors Buddy and Beth Davidson, of the House of Prayer in Clarksville, VA, have worked for years in Zimbabwe, both in training local pastors and in helping to support the people directly.  Their current work includes the development and building of an orphanage.  Between the rampant disease, including HIV, and the leavings of the civil war of the last decade or so, this is a huge need.  Pastor Beth shares information and connects us through the accompanying PowerPoint presentation to the need and the progress of their work among the people and the hope found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After the slide presentation, they answered questions from the congregation and shared stories of the people and the work, including dealing with demon possessed folks and understanding the trials of a country under dictatorship. 


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