Faith--Effective or Ineffective? Pastor Billy Robertson 9 July 2017 Are You Living A Mustard Seed Life?
by cbf
faith effective true power weak ineffective hollow bland show real fail win Bible Jesus Peter sound fury boast signifying nothing enemy puff wind empty tired wait blessings promise obey learn trust circumstances fear hope whining despair preserve examples of ineffective faith unchanged unproductive active life obedience believe God Jesus pruned fruit good deeds Christian share faith forgive demonstrate Christlikeness falter reach focus love mustard seed


title: Faith--Effective or Ineffective?
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
year: None
genre: Sermon (id None)
Faith--Effective or Ineffective?? Pastor Billy Robertson is exploring the actions of Effective vs. Ineffective Faith... Watch and find out first in what you place your faith, and then discover if your faith is truly effective or isn't quite coming up to the action of true faith... "Faith-Effective or Ineffective?"   You can access the sermon notes at      and the Facebook video at   in the Character playlist   Copyright 2017  All Rights Reserved


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