Judgment (Phase 3) Pastor Billy Robertson 8 July 2018
by cbf
Malachi judgment children called by His name adopted future present fire hell heaven eternity price consequences choices self-reliant arrogant proud humble eternal damnation torment reward Sun of Righteousness heaing wicked King of Glory God Father Jesus that coming day salvation light darkness peace save repent rapture Revelation mock scorn coff trouble Great White Throne Judgment Christ saved dross purifying fire laws ordinances self-righteous evil good character treasure fixed hell flame of fire. outer darkness


artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: Judgment (Part 3)
album: Pastor Billy Robertson
year: 2018
genre: Sermon (id None)
Malachi, that Old Testament prophet, gave both hope and warnings to people who called themselves the people of God.  He told of a "coming day", a day of judgment for both punishments and rewards, a day that will burn out the dross and purify someone or the day that will bring eternal damnation and torment.  He warned the proud men and wicked workers should repent now, or live in fear of "that day".   He also gave hope to those who gave their hearts wholly to the God of Heaven, who understood that at no point can a man or woman be perfectly sinless and absolutely righteous on their own merit.  Those who are trusting through faith in His grace and His covering will be called His "special treasure."  Acts tells us the day of judgment is fixed.  Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour of that coming day, so now is the time of grace and salvation.  Salvation is not something you can put off, since any person's time or hour may be imminent.  At the root of evil is the self-reliance on being good enough to go to heaven without God’s intervention.  All who put off bending the knee to the King of Glory miss the holiness of God Almighty.  They scoff and ignore the Sun of Righteousness.  They establish themselves as the pinnacle of standards.  Know this ~ God is not impressed….  We can not clothe ourselves in perfect purity.  We cannot overcome on our own.  Only through Jesus the Christ can we have righteousness, salvation, light for our dark times, and a Guide Who will lead us into the ways of peach.  Through Malachi, the Lord warned of the judgments to come and calls loudly and clearly to come out of the darkness, be delivered from the power of sins, and return to the Lord of all creation, the King of Glory, the Father of all who turn to Him.      Access Pastor Billy's notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/19bcOMChz0SnolmB08ft6CIiA76jSyLU5wJzI9KKI2jk/edit?usp=sharing  Access the sermon video at https://youtu.be/uNWNJ2aOGh4                 Copyright 2018   All Rights Reserved


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