Genesis 10:21-32 Shem Pastor Charles P. Clawson 26 April 2015
by cbf
Noah Ham Shem Japeth flood Bible God disperse dispersal family families nations tongues languages worship Jehovah Godly line pride fear anger tribe tribes elder eldest blessing patriarch Esau Job Jacob Israel


The genealogical studies continue as Pastor Clawson lays the foundation for the dispersal of families across the entire globe at the conclusion of the flood by looking at the last of the three brothers, Shem.  God had a plan to set families is areas which would then be theirs and in which His name could be taught and His worship be central.  As in all things human, however, people have free will and not all descendents of Noah and his sons continued with the plan and worship of Jehovah.  Man's pride and selfish nature will eventually lead to a total confusion among the nations and peoples, and the seed of that dispersal will soon come with the hatred and resentment between individuals and groups, the pride of conquest, and the Tower of Babel.


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