The Answer Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 2 August 2015
by cbf
bold Christian answer God fix repair repent question shame shameful scoff wonder understand misunderstand end game win react respond battle war Bible Gospel live eternity Jesus


So, Christian... where is your God?  How come you believe in that old book?  What is your answer to THAT, eh???  Many a time we are called into question about our trust and reliance in God.  The world scoffs, wonders, and does not understand... they expect some magic panacea that will fix everything, make it all according to their wishes... but we serve Someone greater, Someone Who has designed a much longer-ranged plan than they can imagine.  We serve Someone Who has already won the end game and wants us on His side when that last play cinches the deal and wins the battles forever.  Deacon Josh lays clear why and how we can and should respond to those who ask these questions~ come, listen, as Deacon Josh lays out clearly for us....The Answer.


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