The Incorruptible Crown Pastor Billy Robertson 14 September 2018
by cbf
truth hope eternity faith glory eternal life believe trust pronouncements focus judgments earn Christ King Holy God holiness justice incorruptible crown court of law rewards loyalty rejection disloyalty betray give model self-centered life God-centered life


In this sermon, Pastor Billy continues his series on Judgments, Rewards, and Crowns.  This crown for the believer moves us from the judgments one earns for his or her loyalty to Christ, or disloyalty and rejection, and from focusing on the righteous pronouncements of a Holy God to now realizing the Glory of God and learning of the crowns He chooses for those who believe and trust in Him. There are 5 crowns and each one reflects the Glory of God.  A key thought to remember is that the Glory of God is the standard by which sin is defined...   Listen in as Pastor Billy shares about the Incorruptible Crown--the Crown of Eternal Life & God\'s own Crown of His Glory!    Follow along using Pastor Billy\'s sermon notes at     Watch the video at       To find all sorts of resources, visit our website at    Copyright 2018    All Rights Reserved  


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