Josephus ~ Book 1, Chapters 3-6, About the Flood and beyond Nimrod`s Tower Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 21 October 2015
by cbf
flood Nimrod Babel Babylon God Lord Old Testament Bible confusion language strife government tyranny revenge waters anger angry hate hater evil good responsibility man pride strength coward cowardice Christian crutch weak weakness submit strong man ancient kingdom language placating placate buy earn works the sea people mestrians


The years may be different, but the mind, emotions, reasonings, and attitudes of man remain constant throughout history.   In this session, we look at the years of and after the flood, and the animosity toward God which began to build up through the line of Ham resulting in the Tower of Babel.  According to Josephus, the tower was an attempt to outwit God and Nimrod, who was seen as a strong and mighty man, set up a government of dependence on the group, the government and on him as leader rather than on God.  So much of history shows us again and again man's struggle for independence from outside forces while at the same time bending to fallible man to be the one answer to take care of him.... Nimrod~ a mighty man before God, who challenged the Lord and lost the tyrannical unity for which he was striving, and instead his actions led to the scattering of the people and the rise of languages, cultures, and nations far and wide that still do not fully trust each other...


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