Genesis 4:1-7 The Sins of the Fathers Pastor Clawson 22 June 2014
by cbf
garden Garden of Eden sin sins father fathers impact Bible God Jehovah JHWH Lord Adam Eve consequence consequences trouble work pain result results choice choices life live good bad family labor help help meet man woman men women generations generation one accord goal goals teamwork


The Garden is lost now to Adam and Eve, and a new type of life opens before them.  Being without the shelter of the Garden does not mean being without the presence of the Lord, but little is the same as it was.  Now he must provide not only food, but shelter and safety.   What was easy before now becomes a product of toil and planning.  Now the responsibility of the consequences bear down on the little family, and the fact that what they have done will affect their children for eternity is ever present... Choices... even the little have lasting implications...


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