Walking in the Spirit Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 9 August 2015
by cbf
boundaries boundary God Father free freedom goal goals prison self-sacrifice work weary anger angry expect expectations exercise will desire desires consequence consequences love react respond Bible Jesus Old Testament New Testament battle throne king relate relationship David heart God`s heart tradition pharisee Word transparent Spirit truth worship follow mercy justice faith faithful invest investment time money blood salvation humble humility walk Micah walking Holy Spirit repent turn change attitude sin


Once we decide to follow the Lord, our hearts turn to Him, and our hope is to keep that clean, free feeling from the moment we realize our sins are forgiven and gone... but somehow the battle returns and we must often go back to the Lord, ask for His help in fighting the fight, and submit to the training and corrections we need to be again free.  But, here, there is good news~ we are no longer sinners without a hope, but are believers with an advocate Who will give us the direction and power to walk free from the weight and behaviours of sin choices.  Deacon Joshua encourages us in this discussion to realize that our sins have been, are, and will be forgiven--we belong to God.  As our Father, He will be there and only if we refuse His grace, will we be again crushed by the weight of our choices.  We can and should walk in the Spirit...Understanding what that is, and how, is a core foundation of living a life of faith and joy. To walk in the Spirit IS the daily battle, one we can win, but one we must fight...daily ~~ Listen, as Deacon Josh leads us to the habit of "Walking in the Spirit".


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