Genesis 7:1-10 Deliverance Nigh! (or At Hand!) Pastor Clawson
by cbf
flood Noah ark boat animals two by two seven by seven clean unclean hope life righteous righteousness preach 100 years 600 years old Shem Ham Japeth float Genesis antedeluvian world pre-flood deliver deliverance proof tell convince jeer reject flesh marriage man wife plural wives mock scorn Jahweh Lord Elohim Old Testament Bible male and female polygamy condemn condemnation drown slave salvation


Finally the day has arrived.  For 100 years, Noah has been preaching to the scoffing crowds that God is real, He is mighty, He is King of the Universe, and He is not pleased with the directions mankind has taken away from Him.  Noah has build the boat, explained about rain, tried to convince any and all who would listen that the choices they had made to reject God's ways for their own wants and fleshly ways would bring severe consequences.  Now the animals begin to gather; the proof is before them and yet the people still scoff and jeer and refuse to believe.....  and then comes the rain........


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