Gratefulness~ Lesson 1 Using Our Gifts to Help Others Honor the Ways of God Vanessa Justice 10 June 2015
by cbf
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"Other duties as assigned..."  Many a classroom teacher has signed their yearly contract understanding that this little phrase was part of the package, and might include bus duty, working a snack bar at a sporting event, or taking tickets at the door, with no extra pay involved.  It was part of making the school community work...even after hours....  Sometimes the Lord calls us to go the extra mile, to do that "other duty".  Our level of gratefulness for His taking our sin on the cross and our attitudes while doing that unexpected but needful extra duty shows our character.  This study is looking at how the gifts He has given us can and should be used to help others glorify the Almighty King of the Universe... and to be ready to give up our preconceived plans to be available to others in need, in grace, in peace and in His love, to invest in others, to be a model of His character, to show the world a better way...  Using our gifts to help others honor the ways of God. 


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