Look to Creation! Alertness Lesson 4 Visualizing the Consequences of Subtle Dangers Vanessa Justice
by cbf
bully bullies wary little things set a path change a trajectory cause problems events quick decisions decide react reaction knee jerk consequence consequences sin self-defeating wrong sins of the fathers generation generations devastate devastating danger dangerous alert alertness generational sins conflict damage long-term emotion emotions free freedom joy straight and narrow right righteous choice God Bible Herod the Great Herod Antipas Herod the Tetrarch Jesus Saint John the Baptist life love peace


It's always the little things that trip us up, change our path, set us in another direction.  Some of those little events, quick decisions, knee jerk reactions, or just reactions without much thought or consideration of the consequences are dangerous.  Maybe not in the immediate, but little things that are not quite right can have devastating consequences down the road, either to you or your family.  The consequence may not show up in a year or even 10, but a generation or two or more it may have been the reaction or choice that set your family on a very bad path.  Consider the bullied child who in turn bullies his own children, or the woman who did not leave that demeaning job and became sad and bitter setting off generations of non-trusting, sensitive and wary young women imprisoned by their own non-trusting and self-defeating behaviours.  This is one of the ways the "sins of the fathers are visited upon the children until the 3rd and 4th generation."  Visualizing the potential long-term consequences of your decisions can actually protect you and yours, and it can keep you on the right and narrow path to emotional freedom, joy of life, and companionship with your Creator.  Teach your children in the way they SHOULD go and when they are older they have a much better chance at a great life.


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