Loving Your Lise Charmel Lingerie
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Lise Charmel lingerie features lace, satin, silk and tulle in combinations that set this lingerie designer apart from many others. Its bras, briefs and other accessories are beautiful, intricate and therefore very precious to the purchaser, once they’ve invested in pieces from Lise Charmel collections.

So how do you wash such delicate items without causing irreparable damage? The following principles will help, not just with Lise Charmel but for Empreinte lingerie or any other fine underwear. First, bras don’t need washing as often as other underwear items, like briefs, which you’ll want to tackle daily. Wash bras after every four wears or so, unless you’ve invested in sports-style lingerie for exercising! Next, for any item with delicate fabrics, check the maker’s washing instructions before you do anything. Most fine underwear must be handwashed. Use natural cleaning agents without enzymes and wash items in warm water.

Never scrub at these materials, just dip them gently in and out of the water to rinse them through. Like most delicates, and Lise Charmel lingerie is no exception, don’t wring them afterwards. This can stretch the materials. Dry each item flat, away from direct sunlight, and never iron them!


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