The 10 Unchangeables Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 8 April 2015
by cbf
unchangeable history death time siblings sibling birth order parents ethnicity genetics DNA family good bad unique precious medical condition gender God plan circumstances time of death birth birthplace country


God has designed you as a unique individual and has planned a work for you only you can do.  He has given you a particular birthplace and time in history, unique DNA, a definite place in the sibling line, and your gender, your family, your ethnicity, your time of death, and your circumstances.  Although you may have a genetic condition you cannot change, He already planned for that.  You might not care for your eye color, but He planned for that. On all 10 fronts, He has planned for that... He wants to understand we are unique and precious to Him.  It is fine to get braces or to work to repair a medical condition, but when you rail against your birth order, your time in history or get angry at God because of the parents you have, you are stepping on dangerous ground... He has a reason for all of those things.  When we come to realize He created us as beautiful and unique in His plan, we can choose to rise to the top and become our best selves.  We learn to enjoy His plan for us; we get the peace that passes understanding and become, settled, joyful, productive, and a blessing to both God and man.... The 10 Unchangeables... 


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