The Fear (Reverence) of the Love of God   Pastor Rob Franzen   6 November 2016 Growing In the Love of God
by cbf
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artist: Rob Franzen
title: The Fear (Reverence) of the Love of God
album: Guest Speakers
year: 2016
genre: Sermon (id None)
The more we get to know God, the more we are humbled.  Job, Moses, the children in the wildernes... all had opportunities to meet directly with the Lord of all creation.  Moses and Job trusted Him enough to meet with Him face to face; the fledgling Israeli nation were too afraid, and required a go-between...  If we want to love God more, we must be willing to meet with Him face to face, to reverence Him for Who and What He is, to realize that He may come to us in the thunder and dark clouds, but that tempest is to protect us from the Shekinah glory of His presence, and to allow us to be covered under His wings and kept from being destroyed by His holy righteiousness.  He has chosen us and calls us to Him.  If we want to be closer to Him, we must come in humble understanding and fear, but it is a fear borne of recognizing our place and His greatness.  Naomi returned to that place, to that trust, and led her daughter-in-law to a saving faith that place her in the lineage of David, and eventually Christ Himself.  The Fear and Reverence of God leads us to experiencing fully the worship and love of the King of the Universe.     You can access Pastor Rob's sermon notes at     Copyright 2016   All Rights Reserved


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