Look to Creation! Lesson 18 Orderliness Lesson 1 of 4 Organizing and Utilizing My Resources to Their Greatest Efficiency
by cbf
Efficient efficiency order orderly orderliness resource resources organize organization use affect build building plan planning excellence character character traits character training


A young man inherits the dream of his father, the plans, the power, and potentially the connections to finish what his father started, but without being careful and smart in how to put all the various puzzle pieces together, the whole project would have been a very expensive mess and a massive stain on his country.  In nature, one animal teaches the nature watcher the care needed to not only survive but thrive by carefully planning and making a home that provides peace, practical rooms, and even an escape hatch should danger come to call.  Orderliness... thinking it through and setting the stage for efficient use of the resources at hand.


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