The Triune Nature of God (The Lord Our God is ONE, part 2) Pastor Joshua Justice 11 March 2018
by cbf
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: The Triune Nature of God  (The Lord Our God is ONE, part 2)
album: Joshua Justice
year: 2018
genre: Sermon (id None)
God is consistent.  Just because we can't fully grasp Who and What He is does not mean He is not Who and What HE says He is ~  Elohiym, a plurality of One--One Father, One Son, One Spirit, One God.  All three are distinct Persons, and yet all are together one God.   Both the Old and New Testament express this Perfect Unity beyond what our small minds can truly fathom, but God is very consistent in both logic and faith.  He is absolute.  He is all three.  He IS.  As Kevin DeYoung puts it, ”The doctrine of the Trinity can be summarized in seven statements. (1) There is only one God. (2) The Father is God. (3) The Son is God. (4) The Holy Spirit is God. (5) The Father is not the Son. (6) The Son is not the Holy Spirit. (7) The Holy Spirit is not the Father.”  Once you accept and ascribe to these foundational pieces, then and only then can all of Scripture meet both the logical and faith needs of the believer.  Listen as Pastor Josh explains "The Triune Nature of God."  Access Pastor Josh's notes at     Enjoy his video at   Copyright 2018   All Rights Reserved


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