Security! Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 16 July 2017 (or..What's in YOUR wallet??? )
by cbf
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title: Security
album: Joshua Justice
year: 2017
genre: Sermon (id None)
CBF 16 July 2017  Security--that is the focus of Deacon Joshua's sermon. What makes you sure of your plans, your safety, your life? On this date in 1969, three American astronauts put their lives on the line and their faith in the engineers and craftsmen at NASA to safely lift off from Cape Canaveral and begin their flight to the moon. They trusted in the security of a well-planned but never-done experiment in space exploration. Security in human works and faith in the men and women of the program... and yet men had earlier died because humans fail... God never fails; we may not understand His purposes at the moment, but we can trust and be secure in our faith in Him. Listen as Deacon Joshua encourages us to have our security founded on the right things and in the right Person. "Security!"   Access his sermon notes at and the FB video at  Copyright 2017  All Rights Reserved


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