He Is Risen! Resurrection Sunday!! Pastor Joshua Justice 21 April 2019
by cbf
Covenant Bible Fellowship covenants Bible study truth hope positive life choices eternity church faith Easter Resurrection Sunday Christ risen alive save salvation empty tomb sacrifice Gospels Mark Matthew John Peter Mary angels Romans guards lies reason heaven king cross It is finished! coming king grace judgment sin Pascal Lamb cursed obey submit choose the Law hanging on the tree blessing of Abraham gentiles blameless sinless Isaiah 52 perfect sacrifice


This is a story ~ a true story ~ but a story nonetheless that requires our full attention and focus.  This story means all the world for every listener and can absolutely change your life and give you peace forever!     Follow along with Pastor Josh\'s message notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/166_C8jcJa0mkUk4XrPopYWVxsyFbfjjXrozBlqFTWKs/edit?usp=sharing       Watch his sermon at  https://youtu.be/V6yNIHF5Pgo   \r\n Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved\r\n


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