Where Now Is Your God? Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 1 January 2017
by cbf
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: Where Now Is Your God?
album: Joshua Justice
year: 2017
genre: Sermon (id None)
 The world does not want to see a weak and ineffective deity and will challenge whatever you share until you can truly show that the relationship you have is vital, real, and powerful.  Your daily lifestyle, your conversations and the words you use, the pictures you paint, and the activities in which you participate tells volumes about your character and beliefs.   If you believe you are commissioned to share the Gospel, how do you do it? Do you depend on reason? Argumentation? Just good ol' blind faith?  What important changes are you willing or unwilling to face? Can you lose what you have by ignoring the clear truth of the Word? What is your life and lifestyle showing those who have questions or have been hurt by today's church or even have been taught that we are nothing more than a collection of stardust that will go back to nothingness?   Just what kind of God do you show the world?   Is He just a fluffy love, or just a severe judge? Or, is He truly a Holy and Just Father and Final Authority that will not excuse willful ignorance but is also strong and mighty to help any and all who call on His name and walk in obedience to His word? Is He sitting on the throne of heaven and is Lord over your life? Or is He only an easy "daddy" who is supposed to fix your hurts and make life the way you want it? Think and decide what kind of God are you sharing and decide where now IS God in your life?   Access the sermon notes at  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SbOwyS5jkd9h5t3s0kVGkgIoBacYXm3NYXxCofoS5Bc/edit?usp=sharing   All Rights Reserved  Copyright 2017


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