Genesis 7:11-24 "The Man, Saved, But Flesh Was Drowned!" Pastor Clawson 23 November 2014
by cbf
flood deluge ark Noah windows heaven floodgates Genesis rain storms Bible overflow death water hail sin sins tithes tithe windows of heaven blessing curse life drown drowned downpour judge judgment God Lord Elohim JHWH Yahweh lightening earthquake mudslide desperation fear hope hopeless closed door animals animal two by two exclude excluded hell wild wild animals snakes panic


The story of the flood, its world wide devastation and the lasting memory of that deluge in people groups around the world is a warning flag planted strongly in the human psyche by the Lord.  He wants us to know, to remember, to warn, and to repent.  Such actions rewrote the geography of the world; similarly, when we bend the knee to him, and recognize and repent of our sins, we are flooded with His peace, His pathways, His protection.  Water in this case has two sides--it can destroy, or it can clean.  To be washed clean is a better thing than to be swept away in the torrents of a poorly lived and unrepentant life...


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