The Crown of Righteousness Pastor Billy Robertson 11 November 2018
by cbf
Crown creator Judge of the whole earth King of Glory Crown of Righteousness righteousness right race run win believe accomplish reward live goals hurdles recognition heaven hell Jesus Christ God Father well done Holy Spirit covenant truth hope choices faith crown eternity King of Glory


The Crown of Righteousness ~ a reward from the King of Glory, but how does one live so that the Creator of all creation should choose to grant someone any crown, let alone a Crown of Righteousness?   It can be placed on the head of any believer, but not in a \"slap hazard\" fashion. Like any race, there are goals to be met and hurdles to climb over. If you learn the \"rules of the race\" and run in a manner that stays on the track, a believer can get such a gift and recognition for a job well done. But first, he or she needs to understand how to achieve that reward from the King.  It can be done, and Pastor Billy shares just what the Judge of the Whole Earth is seeing in a believer that merits \"The Crown of Righteousness.\"   Watch the video at  Follow Pastor Billy\'s sermon with notes at   To find all sorts of resources, visit our website at   Copyright 2018    All Rights Reserved    


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