Threads of History~ Ordination, Part 2 Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 25 February 2015
by cbf
ordination ordain preacher minister reverend train training seminary


In this last of the series, "The Threads of History",  Deacon Josh concludes his two-part discussion on the practice of ordaining clergy, which was a construct that grew out of the church's need to set in place men or women documented by a group which would oversee their training.  That practice originated from a need to organize large groups, but was not in the original structure of the Christian church.  Deacon Josh draws the picture of a local pastor and a minister vs. someone who has had institutional training and is sent in to take the controls of a church.  As this series comes to a conclusion, final comments and thoughts are shared among the folks in the class which touch on the various subjects covered.  Threads of History~ a study in the origination of today's church traditions.


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