The Guilt of Man and the Grace of God Pastor Billy Robertson 21 February 2016
by cbf
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There is a time that every believer comes to a crossroad and has to face the fact that no matter what she or he did, she or he could never get so clean, be so good, or be so self-controlled to never say a wrong thing, never slip up and make a mistake that hurts others, or hold the model of perfection in place without getting help.  They have often found that many friends and family members have good intentions, but they, too, fall short of always being right and right on time. Many folks fall into the trap of criticizing others, but excusing themselves.  That is a trap, and a lie, and deep down inside, we all know that we are not what we should be... The reality of how far short we fall can only be seen when we realize that there is One against whom are compared, and He does reach that perfection.  The deep down sense if falling short, whether we acknowledge it or not, is actually the beginning of hope for the believer, and torment for the unbeliever.  It is the guilt within that eventually leads us to coming home to the Creator, and calling on His mercy and His grace, the mercy and grace that takes us in, holds us close, reconciles us with our Maker, and helps us to stand tall and firm with a final realization that we are loved, and wanted, and owned by the King of the Universe... our guilt pokes and torments; His grace holds and comforts and finally we know that we are not alone, and that we are forever home. 


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