The Trade Elder Phil Justice 28 July 2019
by cbf
truth Peace sword witness fight fear afraid stranger family relationship heaven hell blood pray talk share friendship affection soul Christ Judge love shame ashamed the Great Commission worth eternity cross follow Jesus life lose win friend like trade hate harm oppress kill body ambassador prophet righteous reward watchman please God salvation well done Ezekiel 3 testimony devil


What holds you back from doing something you know God would want you to do?  What stops you from witnessing? Do you fear rejection or are you afraid that someone you want to please won\'t be pleased?   If you could have peace, or health, a sense of purpose, or lack of fear, what would you give up? What would you trade to get any one of these things? Join us as we look into the Scriptures and discover what we have, we need, and what we might get in some great eternal trade…  Listen as Elder Phil brings us a message entitled \"The Trade.\" Watch the sermon at   Find the message notes at Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved 


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