True Worship Deacon Alwyn Floyd 9 June 2019 Pentecost
by cbf
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Deacon Alwyn confronts us with a question that is central to having a close and intimate relationship with the God of the Universe, His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit ~ just what or who is a “true worshipper”? Is it someone who keeps every rule and is at church every time the door is opened?  Is the true worshipper the one feeding the homeless and mixing with the masses, or is he or she the one who pulls away from the world and the peoples of the world to devote themselves to prayer and fasting?  How would we know one if we saw one, and if we are lacking in true worship, how do we become one?    Listen as Deacon Alwyn explains in this message the things he has both experienced and learned from his walk with the Lord.  It is more than coming to church, more than singing a song or two, and more than living a perfect, circumspect life.  It is more, so much more, and the life of true worship gives yet more into the life of the true worshipper and everyone around him or her.  Are you a true worshipper?  The woman at the well learned about it, each disciple learned how to be one and all but one applied the lessons learned, and the pathway to true worship is available to any and all who will believe, receive, and practice the way of the “true worshipper”.      Watch the sermon at   Follow along with Deacon Alwyn’s message notes at   Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved 


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