Vernon Interviews Nikki Thompson and Judy Davis, Managers of GLUT Food Cooperative.
22 months ago by Vernon_Oakes
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Vernon Interviews Nikki Thompson and Judy Davis, Managers of GLUT Food Cooperative
Vernon interviews Judy, a manager at GLUT Food Co-op. Vernon and Judy will discuss the structure of the cooperative, the value it brings to the community, and the area of the store she manages.  

Judy has been managing the Health and Beauty section of the store for more than 35 years. She orders everything from Essential Oils, Shea butter and Zuresh body cleansers to shampoo and Eco-friendly household cleaners. 

Nikki has been around Glut for a while. She orders a wide variety of snacks, cookies, crackers, pasta (including bulk pasta), chocolate, cereal, and packaged grains and mixes. Her section has a large number of flavors and options that our customers like, which are rotated depending price variations.

Judy is joined by 11 other collective members each of whom manages a different section of the store. GLUT is a not-for-profit charitable trust, democratically managed by a collective. However, everyone is welcome to shop at GLUT Food Co-op, no membership or special card is required! The store carries quality vegetarian foods that are sold at reasonable prices. Among the store's specialties are organic and local produce, cheese and bulk department, where you will find grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, baking supplies, granola, coffee, herbs and spices, pasta and more. The store also offers environmentally friendly health and beauty products, food supplements, vitamins and sundries. The Collective supports local and/or organic enterprises over conglomerates and agribusiness whenever possible. Glut has also traditionally supported peace, environmental and social justice movements.  


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