Walking in the Light Pastor Billy Robertson 16 November 2014
by cbf
walk walking light Shekinah glory Lord Jesus the Christ Bible truth God Living God grow dark darkness enemy Satan devil evil disciple pure purity heaven death angels Spirit walk in the Spirit true


Every living thing thrives on light, on the energy they were created to use to grow and replicate.  Once man walked in the Light of the Living God, without fear and without thought of the darkness that was to consume the world.  Now we again have an opportunity to choose light... Jesus brought the Light of the Living God back into this world and through us, when we follow Him, we can again walk in His Light, reject fear and choose to leave the world's darkness behind... And, should we choose to grow in His Light, we can actually dispel some of that darkness by reaching out and being a channel of truth and wisdom for others.  Walking in the Light.... 


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