The Law of Grace and the Grace of the Law Deacon Joshua Justice 6 April 2014
by cbf
Deacon Justice Grace Law Law of Grace the Law the Mosaic Law the Ten Commandments bondage freedom law of liberty Christ Jesus perfect perfection holiness Old Testament New Testament believers liberty Messiah Bible


The Law.... wasn't that just for Jews?  Do we have some responsibility here?  Aren't we free from the bondage of the law?  Well... “Sort of…” and “Not really…” and “Why, yes, we are!”   Did you know there is more than just one aspect to “the Law”?  What do you mean…”The Law of Grace”, and just what is this “Grace of the Law” stuff?  Listen as Lay Preacher and Deacon Joshua Justice untangles the misconceptions Christians and others often believe regarding a believer's faith and place in and under "the Law".


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