1 Kings 12:6-11 Rehoboam`s Folly Pastor Charles P. Clawson 8 February 2015
by cbf
Rehoboam folly peers consequences choices defeat


 Rehoboam had an entire rich kingdom laid out for him.  With little effort and a bit of sympathy for the burdens of his people, he could have had a full, long and rewarding reign.  Instead, he chose the folly of the unwise, the untested.  He decided to act as "big man on campus" before his friends rather than a wise man elevated to a position of great power and trust.  His folly cost him his kingdom and stands as a warning to us even today.  When given the chance to take on a leadership position, will we act in pride and puffery, or understand the most important thing to being a leader, is to be a wise servant of those you lead.


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