Brethren, Try the Spirits! Pastor Joshua Justice 19 May 2019
by cbf
Tongues languages men angels speaking in tongues Law emotional outburst Glossolalia Xenoglossia babbling speaking telling revelation decently in order


\"Brethren, Try the Spirits!\" Speaking in tongues is a difficult topic that often comes with heavy emotions. Not all who claim to be speaking the words of God are actually doing so...some are speaking out in innocence but speaking out of themselves, and some getting caught up in the moment wanting to be a part of the excitement. Join us today as we learn to tell the difference.   Follow along with the message notes at   Watch the sermon at  Please like and join our Facebook page at  Learn more about 1 Corinthians at  To find all sorts of resources, visit our website at  Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved \r\n


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