The Challenge to Courage & Forbearance Pastor Billy Robsertson March 24, 2019
by cbf
Patience holiness trust forbear courage easy frustration hurt emotions problems life encourage direction burden expectation responsibility challenge task heavy hurdles heavy sad angry undermine win lose joy walk carry direction tough times rest peace


Do you ever have moments when life is just too much, the burden is just too heavy, the tasks too large, or the frustrations and attacks come out of nowhere and hurt you emotionally or even undermine whatever you are doing?  What do you do with that?? How in the world can you bear up under that pressure? You could use a word of encouragement and tools to muster up courage and living with joy while operating under forbearance... Take Courage! Buck it up! you might hear... tough words when we really want things to be sunny and easy, but that\'s not reality. It just isn\'t the way life works   Pastor Billy brings that word of encouragement and gives you some direction to sharpen those forbearance tools in this message, \"The Challenge to Courage & Forbearance.\"    Follow along with Pastor Billy’s notes at   Enjoy his video at   To find all sorts of resources, visit our website at   and our Facebook page at Please like and join our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and join Covenant Bible Fellowship in our studies of the Holy Bible.   At Covenant, we firmly believe that questions deserve answers and that you have a right to know the Truth ~  John 8:32 \"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall MAKE you free.\"   Copyright 2019   All Rights Reserved


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