Mammon and Discouragement Deacon and Lay Leader Joshua Justice
by cbf
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Power, fame, position... are any of those available to the Christian?  What about mammon? Is is okay to have money, fame, or power, and still follow Christ?  If so, what about the discouragement that often dogs our efforts to achieve that position, power, money or fame, especially if we are claiming the name of Christ while we are aiming at those goals? Why, if we are Christians, do we get discouraged, even overwhelmed and depressed,  and just what should we do about it?  Where do all the expectations of a full, rich life fall into this mix?  Mammon and discouragement... two giants in our lives that we must come to understand, and then confront and properly handle.  Listen as Deacon Josh gives an explanation that may settle some hearts, clear the fog away from others, and just may cause you to take a very close look at what you are choosing.... and why. 


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